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Think Again

Think it's "just music" you're after?  Think instead about how music makes you feel.  Every song you hear reminds you of something - a place you've visited, a time you spent with someone special, or some significant change in your life.  What will guests remember most about your event?  All your hard work will be forgotten if the guests don't enjoy the music.

What sets DJs apart?

Simply put - some DJs play music on weekends for a hobby. I will treat your event with the respect it deserves.

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DJ Entertainment Has Evolved

It's no longer about start and finish times, how many lights and speakers are included or "just press play". It goes beyond music or gear. Noting the little details, helping develop unique ideas, preparation, and forward thinking sets DJs apart. I genuinely care about the success of your event, and I believe that success does not happen by accident. If you value the significance of quality entertainment at your event, get in touch to discuss your plans and ideas.

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