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DJ Hire

These days, everyone’s a DJ.

So why even hire a DJ?

Anyone can pull up a playlist from Spotify or Deezer and maybe it will work.   But what if it doesn’t?

Top three reasons to trust a DJ instead of Spotify for your celebration:

  1. A DJ will usually have the right gear for the room.  This should mean much more than just two speakers.
  2. What if your Spotify playlist isn’t the hit you expected? A DJ will have the songs you never thought of.
  3. It’s not just about music.

How to set up wedding LED fairy light curtains

The LED curtains or fairly lights look amazing and transform nearly any wedding reception venue. However, there’s a trap that can actually work against you on the night.

Exclusive “There-in-Person” guarantee

The real value in what I offer is experience, so when you hire me for mine, I am there in person.

Who Will Be The DJ At Your Event?

Random DJ roulette. Maybe it’s a surprise party. But why have a surprise DJ?

Wedding Speech Quick Tips

Been tasked with giving a speech at a wedding? Here’s a couple of quick and easy things to remember when writing or planning a wedding speech.

3 Myths About Choosing a Wedding MC Everyone Thinks Are True

These three myths, while helpful, are still myths. Learn how to get the right MC for your wedding.

Fire?? Most Wedding Guests Probably Didn’t Even See This!!

Sometimes it’s the little details at your wedding that guests will remember forever. Are they seeing the things you want them to remember?

I will not invite strangers to your event for a “demo”

Would you be OK with strangers gatecrashing your event?

Prearranged Do Not Play song list

If you don’t like it, tell me so I can add it to a personalised must not play category.

13 wedding realities everyone hid from you – until now

You can get advice from friends that got married already, or magazines. But there are some things that nobody told you yet because – they’re just little details. Here’s 13 of the best!

How Much Should A Wedding DJ Cost?

Is your wedding someone’s weekend hobby, or do they really care about you and your plans? 9 questions to ask that will help you spot the difference between entertainment and “just music”.

Wedding DJ

There’s more to your wedding than just music. Talk to me about wedding DJ entertainment services, including master of ceremonies coaching, ceremony audio, and New Zealand’s most compact sound system.

Wedding DJ + MC

Celebrations and Events

Corporate events, birthdays, or whatever your reason (excuse) to celebrate. I can help you find the right music for the occasion and assist you in the lead up to the event as well with personal service and corporate sound hire.

Event + Corporate DJ

Free Tips and Ideas

Putting together a wedding or planning any kind of event is a lot of work. If you don’t do it every week, it’s easy to overlook some of the simple things. I’ll share some of my observations and experiences for free.

Planning Tips + Ideas

Hire Me, Get Me

Anyone can play music, and these days everyone’s a DJ.  But when you need more than “just music”, working with a boutique DJ service instead of a booking agency comes with unique guarantees.

Here’s what nobody else can promise

If you’ve never hired a DJ before, it may be difficult to know where to start or what to expect.  Let me help!

Until you know what’s possible and what a modern full service DJ can offer it’s impossible to set accurate budgets or expectations.  Tell me about your event, your plans and requirements.  If my service isn’t right for your needs, I’ll do everything I can to get you in touch with a more suitable alternative.

I want to do the right events, not the most events.