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I do not drink alcohol or smoke.

When you hire me:

I choose not to drink, in fact I rarely have a chance even when I’m not entertaining at an event like yours.   Would you offer a beer to a wedding celebrant in the middle of the ceremony when they’re working? Would you be OK if a surgeon joined you for a quick whiskey while you were lying the table?  Even the bar staff at your venue at your venue don’t partake while they’re working.

I won’t be drinking, I don’t smoke, I won’t even stop for a meal.  I focus my attention on your event.


It may be hard to believe, but some entertainers expect meals and alcohol to be supplied as the night proceeds.  Some even suggest they work better after a few beers.  Just like a surgeon or professional driver, right?  If it’s OK for your DJ to have a few, who then is responsible for deciding when to say when?  Who is responsible for their trip home?